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novel Cultivation Online - Chapter 248 Real–World Trading tour cynical share-p1tears of the moon myth Novel-Cultivation Online-Cultivation OnlineChapter 248 Real–World Trading island imminentMr Lion, Please Divorce Me "Permit me to check out authentic quick…""T-Thirty zillion golden coins? That need to be after you unlocked the Wealth Leaderboards. If you'd available that in the market, you'd have acquired not less than 300 thousand money!" Yu Rou exclaimed."S-Since you're this strong, it shouldn't be a trouble that you can acquire precious metal in Farming On the web. Even so, there is certainly one thing all the more priceless than gold, and that is certainly unprocessed resources and treasures." Yu Rou then extremely wicked good "Without a doubt. I acquired this Divine-grade zither soon after winning the compet.i.tion, nevertheless i don't require it, once i have already got another zither." Yuan explained."Sure. I obtained this Divine-level zither just after succeeding the compet.i.tion, however don't really want it, when i have already got another zither." Yuan claimed.If he has one million gold bullion coins, that's about 7 thousand $ $ $ $ in real life!"Sure. I plan on selling it. But just how do i start marketing one thing so precious?""Hmm… The amount are gold bullion coins worth, in any case?" Yuan suddenly expected.Yu Rou proceeded to check on her phone.bronze age in ireland powerpoint "Nicely, yeah, nevertheless i don't really take into account that my money as it was Xiao Hua's treasure that has been sold," Yuan mentioned."Hmm… Just how much are golden coins worthy of, in any case?" Yuan suddenly required."You can put the zither in an online auction family home with a minimal setting up price along with the best bidder actually gets to purchase it.""Certainly, you can not sell off a thing that treasured inside an normal current market. Nevertheless, I understand precisely the spot for high-priced treasures— the auction household!" Yu Rou reported.'If the earth understood of Buddy Tian's cultivation, they'd probably go crazy— all the more than currently…' Yu Rou considered to herself.Essentially the most updated novels are circulated on lightnovel/p/ub[.]comAnd she persisted, "Let's say you have a million gold in addition to a prize value a million gold. Should you available the precious metal coins, you'll only get 7 million. Nonetheless, in case you sell off the treasure, individuals will definitely pay off more— at the least 30 percentage even more. Of course, treasures tend to be more special than yellow gold, so it's always far better to sell sources and treasures.""Naturally. How else would you like to purchase your meal together with other necessities? Even though I'm not abundant, I have got ample to assist you to." Yu Rou explained.New new chapters are publicized on /mild/novelpub[.]com"You can put the zither in a online auction marketplace family home that has a bare minimum beginning price tag and the maximum bidder grows to buy it."cubs of the wolf "Eh? Divine-class? Do you really anticipate marketing a cherish in that level?" Yu Rou viewed him that has a taken aback manifestation.the old merchant marines If they have a million gold bullion coins, that's about 7 thousand us dollars in real life!All things considered, can you imagine if the client just logs from the activity soon after receiving the item without paying? How can you chase the scammer, a lot less buy your merchandise back again? Wait around to allow them to sign back again on and destroy them?"T-Thirty zillion gold coins? That must definitely be when you unlocked the Wealth Leaderboards. If you'd available that already in the market, you'd have generated a minimum of 300 zillion bucks!" Yu Rou exclaimed."What's the most expensive piece which has been marketed thus far? Xiao Hua distributed a Heaven-standard with top high quality in an sale house for over 30 million yellow gold coins just before." Yuan stated.tales of giants from brazil "Several bucks for a solo rare metal coin? That's very rewarding, no?" Yuan mentioned inside of a surprised sound.Kept up to date from lightnovelpu/b[.]com